Discipline even more important than beginning

Foto: © Michel Porro

Foto: © Michel Porro

Failure is hardly ever caused by lack of good intentions, creativity, talent or ideas, strategy or plan. And a good execution is no guarantee for succes, but poor execution leads certainly to failure.

Good execution and poor results? You need to reconsider your strategy. A strategy is a statement declaring what kind of company you are, in which sector and with what activities you operate. From the strategy follow the tactics to transform your plans into results.

Only good strategy and tactics lead to positive results. Right? No. There is a massively important factor. You need discipline. Day by day, drip by drip. That is the execution. Continuing where others stop. Long term vision and patience are required.  Especially when you get stuck and immediate results are not yet visible.

Most non successful entrepreneurs try out new things when current activities are getting tough. Don't finish half projects. How to deal with this?

 What helps are deadlines.  Be accountable to yourself when the time or date is reached. Look at what worked and what not. And why not. Only then you will reach your goal.

This morning I walked past my disorganised wardrobe. It has been a thorn in my eye for a while now. I wanted to give some shirts to charity and clean up the mess. I started and stopped almost immediately. 'I'll do it tomorrow'. I returned to the kitchen. Halfway I said: 'No! I'll do it now'. In less than 10 minutes the job was done.

In companies and businesses the same thing happens all the time. Not finishing what we start disturbs the flow of things. Finishing what we start, if it's the right thing, is the only basis for succes.

Execution is finishing what we start with focus. Until its done. Steven Pressfield calls this the battle against a formidable enemy: resistance. His book, the War of Art, is the best ever written on this topic.

Execution commands discipline. Working towards a goal within a reasonable deadline. Every day a step closer. The biggest accomplishments are done this way. No great novel was written in 1 week or month. Some of them took years. And not all become a success. But the next one maybe. Or the next one. Until it's done.