Sunrise or Sunset?

©Michel Porro

©Michel Porro

What do you prefer? Sunrise or sunset? Begin or end? Or the journey in between?

Each day is our own 'Hero's journey'. Writer Joseph Campbell came up with this description of our journey from regular life to transformation (The Hero with a thousand faces).

Campbell distinguishes 11 phases of the Hero's journey.

1. De Ordinary World. Under the surface some stuff is happening already.

2. The Calling. A special event takes place to evoke action in the Hero.

3. Denial of the Calling. The Hero resists and is not immediately moved into activity.

4. The Mentor appears. From outside or from inside, a dream for instance. The Hero steps into the unknown.

5. Across the border. The Hero says farewell to the known and steps into the unknown.

6. Difficulties and Challenges, Friends and Enemies.  The world challenges the Hero.

7. The Biggest Problem. The Hero faces his greatest foe or challenge.

8. The Payoff. The Hero wins, but wait..

9. Escape. Enemies don't let the Hero win easily.

10. Resurrection. The Hero brings a final offer and the problem is finally solved.

11. Gift for the people. The Hero returns home but not empty handed. He shares his transformational wisdom or elixer and he brings peace to the people.

Everybody is his or her own Hero in life. Each day brings an opportunity to overcome challenges. Step by step, day by day.

According to writer Steven Pressfield the moment just before the Calling is most important. The Hero's journey in each story is defined by what happens until the moment of the Calling. Until the moment the Hero starts taking action. That's when the spirit exits the bottle.

After the Hero's journey follows The Artist's Journey. Everyone who creates, makes, produces, markets or sells is an Artist. Not only painters and ballet dancers are artists. We all face what Pressfield calls 'Resistance'. And in Pressfield's The War of Art he shines a light on what is is exactly and how to deal with resistance.

What happens in your life between sunrise and sunset? What's your journey and how do you overcome the resistance to create? That's what makes great artists great.