It pays off to show up every day

©Michel Porro

©Michel Porro

Best thing you can do for your career, or whatever you wish to accomplish is simple: show up every day. We have all read that brilliant novel, watched a compelling movie or an athlete winning a game.  Or been to a rock concert or been mesmerised by a cello concerto. Or bought a crazy good product like an iphone or a hybrid car. Nothing of this was an overnight success. And never will be.

The only recepe for success is consistency in doing the right thing and going on where others quit. And that is possible only when we sit down and do our thing, day by day, every day. Not 'waiting for inspiration'. Just getting to work. Your best work flows from consistent daily work.

You can only continue do this if it is the right thing. That you really want. To create something. To be the best in the world at something. To change something. There are no other options really to escape mediocrity.

Champions, legens and icons show up every day. Also, especially, when they don't want to. They have only one thing in mind. Doing what people do where they want to go.

 Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple computer, had been reading electronics magazines for many many years, before embarking on his revolutionary journey with Steve Jobs.

Showing up every day means that you are mentally and physically prepared to do the work. Able to ignore or overcome the little voice in your head. It pays off to show up, every day.