Business is always long term

Olive tree, Brenzone Lake Garda

Olive tree, Brenzone Lake Garda

Eating an olive or using olive oil usually does not evoke awareness about what it takes to create this produce. Cultivating olives is hard. It requires patience and knowledge. It takes years before a tree produces an edible olive. And then it's not so sure if it produces every year. Olive trees are sensitive. Diseases and lack of or too  much rain cause disruption. The olive tree cultivator know this. He's in the game for the long run.

A tree can grow 2000 years old. The older the more productive. Quality increases over the years. The olive farmer is patient. He knows the fruits of his labour lie in the future.

Why is this interesting? The average human does not have the mindset of the olive expert. He wants things now. This is how he is programmed genetically and evolutionary. In the old days, 30.000 years ago, the human was not planning ahead other than making sure there was enough food in the cave and that he and his family made it to the next day.

He was not planning, saving, investing in health and finances. Next month or next year did not exist. Survival and consuming all.

The thing is, not much has changed. It has gotten worse due to the immense increase of impulses. We are constantly wanting and buying stuff that we don't need to impress people we don't even like. 

Walking past this beautiful olive tree I thought: "Next time I want to buy something on impulse I'll think of this tree. It will be there in 500 years. And its fruits will be more plentiful and better quality. So it pays to wait and not spend. It is worth it to invest instead of buying unnecessary wasteful stuff. And cooking will never be the same. I see that patient and smart man, who know why he is waiting.