Flying low is no longer secure

©Michel Porro

©Michel Porro

It's no longer good to play safe and follow old rules. Stay in the comfort zone. Find a job, and follow the rules. Keeping your head low and survive the day, the week, the year, the career.

According to Seth Godin the new truth is to be better sorry than safe. Fly higher than before. True game changers focus on trust, being remarkable and leadership so that your story travels. The new economy evolves around art, not being art in the old sense of the word. It's about emotional labour, propelled by risk, love and joy.

And art is everything generated by someone with her heart. Connection between people is always the result of emotional labour between two humans. Your work is art.

Stick out your neck, fly high, not seeking proof by counting likes or followers, or gain approval by boss or client, then you connect. Who will miss you when you're gone?

The trick is, don't fly too high, or the sun smelts your wings. Or too low because you won't have lift. Fly higher than before, miracles happen.