Idea ownership

Artist Emilie Cummings’ meerkats in Wassenaar. ©Michel Porro

Artist Emilie Cummings’ meerkats in Wassenaar. ©Michel Porro

In group efforts everyone has his own opinion. Noses are pointing in all directions. We all want ‘our’ idea to be in the spotlight. What helps is asking for the opinion of those opposing ours. “How would you handle this”? The idea transfers ownership and chances for a mutually beneficial outcome increases. Compromises are always better than standoffs.

In our work as photographer, especially in the acquisition stage, we often get challenged to defend our case. Our price, our creativity, our livelihood. But what we often forget is the point of view of our customer. A 6 on the table is a 6 to us but a 9 to the customer. While it is the same thing. We need to see our client’s point of view. And make him part of the process by asking (lots of) questions. Make it her idea.

Transferring ownership of the idea and letting go of ego is a recipe for succes.