The artist Fights resistance

Wallpainting by Martien van Gaalen

Wallpainting by Martien van Gaalen

Vincent van Gogh did not sell much during his life. Yes, enough, sort of, to live. His fame came after his death. How come he kept on going?

An artist produces every day, without the approval. The ballet dancer, the writer and also the government employee fighting for a cause. Everyone with an idea worth fighting for is an artist.

What separates the artist from the others is the way she manages to fight resistance. This is the voice inside, or the dependence of the opinion of others. Resistance makes us want to check our mail in stead of doing the work. Resistance is fear of failure which is not much else than hiding for the work that needs to be done.

What if Van Gogh had listened to his peers or clients; ‘Poor man, why don’t you stop with that amateur thing you’re doing?’